VOL - 2 | December 2022

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Digital Revolution In Dentistry
Neelam Noel Andrade
Original Research Articles
Comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial efficacy of herbal mouthwash versus chlorhexidine mouthwash
Upma Tomar, Neeraj Grover, Seema Sharma, Kanika Bhalla Prabhat, Sanjeev Tomar, Shreya Singh
Dental Manifestations of Vitamin D Resistant Rickets in Orthopantomogram
Malu Pooja Radhesham, Singh Shivani, Soni Sakshi, Vahanwala Sonal P, Sansare Kaustubh P
Review Articles
Modified Marsupialization of Simple Ranula in a Child and Review of Management Techniques
Abdulkadeer M. Jetpurwala, Amit K. Jain, Pooja Rasal, Priyanka Sharma
Role of Periodontal Tissues In Post-Mortem Interval Estimation : A Review
Madhuri Meshram, Praneeta Kamble, Aishwary Patil
Short Communication Articles
Unveiling Oral Focal Mucinosis- A rare finding Department of Periodontics and Oral Implantology
Aishwary Patil, Praneeta Kamble, Madhuri Meshram
A Clinical Comparative Evaluation of Steroid and Tacrolimus in Oral Lichen Planus: A Pilot Study
Aswathi U, Kaustubh P Sansare, Sonal Vahanwala
Oral Lesions In Leprosy – A Study of 100 Patients
Pooja Prasad, Rajiv Desai, Shivani Bansal, Pankaj Shirsat, Pravin Raipure
Lobular Capillary Hemangioma : A Rare Entity
Sayali Gotpagar
To compare and evaluate the efficacy of the groundnut oil and coconut oil with xylene as a clearing agent
Shivani Bhandari, Neeraj Grover, Seema Sharma, Kanika Bhalla, Shreya Singh, Manu Gupta
Short Reports
Traumatic Fibroma of Tongue: Short Article
Jayati Pandit
Clear Aligner Treatment: A new paradigm shift? Point & Counterpoint
Rohan Bhagat, Tanvi Andrade
Case Reports
A Case of Vagal Nerve Schwannoma: A Rare Case Report
Gulam Rabbani Khan, Abhijeet Humne, Piyush Raj Dharmi
Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Traumatized Anterior Teeth- a Case Report
Nilam Sonawane, Tejashri Gupte, Priti Sushil Jain, Kajal Matey
Colour Doppler Imaging in Benign Malformation of Buccal Mucosa- A Case Report
Malu Pooja Singh Shivani, Vahanwala Sonal, Sansare Kaustubh, Chaudhari Neha